08 October 2011

Season Of Love {The Process}

So, most people know and understand that taking photos of little ones can be 'a process'...  these photos were taken by Marni (Sonshine Photography) and I absolutely adore them!  So, the two older ones are mine, and the two younger ones are my sweet nephews...  I used Season of Love by Jeanet Almhøj.   This is a gorgeous kit from Digital Scrapbook Place that can be used for a variety of layouts...  thanks so much for stoppn' by!

The adults:  “Logan!  Hey, Logan!  Lay down by
Ethan and we’ll take your picture!  Logeeee.... Come
on buddy...  lay down by Ethan!”
Gabe, Avery, & Logan:  Laughing & Giggling...
Ethan: *thinking*  “Dude...  Logan, lay down already!
What’s the problem?  Hmmm...  wonder if we’re goin’
to McDonalds after this?”
The adults (jumping around
and waving arms): “Okay guys!  Look at
Marni and smile!  Hey, Logan! Ethan!  Look at the camara!
Say cheeeeese!”
Ethan: “Hey Logan, what are you doing all the way down
Logan:  “Why’s everyone yelling
at us?”
The adults (out of breath & sweating): “Good enough!  Yep, I think that’ll do!”
Logan:  “Yay, we’re done!”
Ethan:  “Can I stop smiling and saying cheese, now?”
Gabe & Avery:  “That better be good... I don’t think we can smile any more!”
The kids:  “Wait...  we’re not done taking
pictures?!?!  This was only the first place?   Are you kidding me?!?!”

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