26 August 2013

Money Matters Monday {8.26.2013}

Here we are...  another Monday!  Heidi Nicole here again today to share a couple ideas for making the most out of your digital purchases.  Here in the states, we are starting back to school (already!?!)...  and summer is winding down.  Football has started, along with numerous other fall sports for kiddos of all ages.  We have hopeful and energetic children, along with glimpses of weariness and slight agitation (usually for having to get up early in the morning!).  It's new to some of the littlest people, and just another school year to others.  No matter though...  it's started and we all just have to make the best out of it!

As I was thinking about this time of year, my mind immediately went to projects about school...  how can we use our digital graphics and word art to make fun school projects?  I had several things pop into my head (shocker, right?!), but something that I think we need to do more intentionally as parents, is to remind our kids that we love them...  that they are special...  and to let them know we are wanting them to have a great day!  What better way to do that, than add a little note to their lunch box or back pack?  They'll find it at lunch or sometime throughout their day, and who doesn't need a little word of encouragement every once in awhile?  I can just see their little faces light up when they find it.  You can use a little post it, a little card, or you can design something with your digital graphics and simply print it off.  I've created four journal cards* and put them on an 8 1/2x11 sheet for you to upload and print for free (they are all just slightly smaller than 3x4, in case you want to use them in standard pocket scrapbooking).  It may take an extra minute while packing their lunches in the morning...  but won't it be totally worth it?


Have fun with it!  They'll love it, I promise!  I'll have a couple more fun (and simple) back to school projects in the next couple weeks...  if you create a fun project or maybe a layout of the infamous 'first day of school', please share it with us at theCreativePixel Gallery!

*I'm in the process of creating a back to school graphics pack that will coordinate with these Journal Cards

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