16 September 2013

Money Matters Monday {9.16.13}

Hey guys!  Heidi Nicole here from theCreativePixel to talk to you about how amazingly versatile your digital graphics can be!  We all want to squeeze every cent that we can out of our purchases, especially for our hobbies, and I'm here to show you ways you can do just that.

I usually feature a hybrid project...  and... I have a project...  but, I assume I'm not the only crafter who doesn't read ALL the instructions before jumping in with both feet...  long story short...  it takes 24 whole hours for my project to be done, and I had to add some steps as I went!  I blame the artsy side of my brain, it just doesn't plan things in a timely matter all the time!  So, I'm going to improvise and you'll see my hybrid project (and all the do's and don'ts) next week!

Now, what are we going to do this week?  {drum roll, please!}  I'm going to show off some beautifully created digital layouts!  {insert applause}  Let's face it...  most of you who purchase digital graphics are digital scrapbookers, and we can't forget that no matter how many ways these digital graphics can be used, when they are used in scrapbooking they are absolutely STUNNING!  Scrapbooking is a way to display those amazing, irreplaceable memories...  it's a way to deal with emotions...  it's a way to show your faith and beliefs...  it's art and it's absolutely unique to each artist!  Carola (CT Designs) has a wonderful collection of blog posts called Stylistic Saturday.  She explains many of the different parts of scrapbooking, as well as the different styles that can be used.  The Creative Pixel also has many tutorials from Nicole (Urban Wings Artography) and Kim (theCreativePixel) that will teach you many different techniques for scrapbooking and photography.

So, I'm going to post some layouts and who created them.  Most of the products will be from theCreativePixel's gallery (SO many to choose from, but I tried to chose a few that showcased some different styles)...  but, I'm going to show one of mine that have some products from another store (gasp!)...  no worries... it is VERY meaningful to me and, well, I like to share my artwork!
Created by talyQ (Hearts of Whimsy GP by Urban Wings) - This is such a beautiful example of digital magic.  The blending of the photo into the background is just awesome.
Created by Marifer (Higgledy Piggledy GP by Urban Wings) - This caught my eye because it's such a great paper style layout.  It's truly could be mistaken for a paper layout!  What a great way to display multiple photos.
Created by heatherh (Urban Wings) - This is a total gallery standout.  It's an amazing way to graphically display a photo.  Absolutely stunning!
Created by Marcee (Marcee Duggar Designs) - Such a lovely way to display a beautiful photo.  All the blending creates a serene feel, which matches the photo perfectly.
You won't find this one in theCreativePixel gallery.  BUT, this is an AMAZING display of faith journaling.  These products are by Altered Amanda, who will have products at tCP in October.  This is an example of art journaling... it's powerful, healing, and beautiful.
This layout was created by myself.  It doesn't bother me that it wasn't made with my products... what truly matters is how healing writing some of those words can be.  Art is just like that...  it's awesome and scary and healing and powerful.  That's why we're here...  step outside your box, and CREATE!

On a side note...  we are welcoming two new fabulous designers to theCreativePixel - Grace Bennett and Altered Amanda.  Stop by the site and say hi!  Don't forget to add your projects to the gallery!


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