07 October 2013

Money Matters Monday {10.7.13}

Happy Monday!  Fall is in the air here in Central Illinois and we are loving it!  I'm here to talk, once again, a little bit about how we can make the most of our creative purchases!  Today I'm going to show you how I'm using creativity, which I LOVE, to help me stay motivated to lose weight...  which I'm not so much in love with.  

I'm creating a Smash Book to journal my weight loss journey.  I love to journal and scrapbook, so I'm combining the two things to create this project.  I am a fan of Weight Watchers.  I know it works because I've been very successful before... and I'm going to do it again, but without paying for it!  I know how to do it, and with the help of some blogs, the materials I have from past WW meetings, and my own creative journal, I know I'll be successful!  I plan on having my food and fitness logs available, pages to jot down recipes, quotes, scripture, and favorite foods with there points values.  Everything I need right at my fingertips!  (for cheap!)

So, if you are into Weight Watchers, I've created some tools that you can easily print off and you can do the same thing I'm doing, but for cheaper!  We could even support each other throughout the journey...  So print these off and get started!  I will be creating a weight loss themed graphics pack in the near future to go along with these printables....  so stay tuned!
Printable Food Log
Printable Weekly Point Checklist
Printable WorkOut Log
Hopefully, if you are just starting, or even if you are a veteran WW'er and just need to change some things up, these will help you in the process.

Here's the start of my journey, documented in my Smash Book.  I printed off a Food Log for each day and stuck them in the pocket...  and I have promised myself not to freak out if I journal on a post it note!  I'm going to stick it in there and go on about my journey...  it doesn't need to be perfect, right?!  I also used elements from Play Like a Girl, Magical Memories Journal Cards Beautiful YOU and Beauty Is..., by Heidi Nicole Designs, as well as, Instamazing, Create.Inspire.Play., and Hearts of Whimsy by Urban Wings (Nicole Young).

All you have to do to use digital graphics in a physical book is pull your digital graphic onto an 8.5x11 blank sheet and print.  You may want to erase the shadow with your magic eraser (PSE) before printing...  Here's my point - YOU DON"T HAVE TO GO TO THE HOBBY/SCRAPBOOK STORE TO BUY NEW PRODUCTS IF YOU HAVE DIGITAL GRAPHICS ON YOUR COMPUTER!

Many Blessings!

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