05 November 2008

Finally an update :o)

Okay, so it's been a couple weeks... BUT -- in my defense, it's been a whirlwind couple weeks! Dave is back to work full time... and besides being kind of worn out, he's lovin' it. The kids are busy learning a lot in school... lots of spelling, even for Avery. They are, as always, keeping us on our toes. Now, for our most exciting event (drumroll please :o)... we went and saw High School Musical 3!!! It was for the kids, of course... well, sort of. So, if you know me... you know that I love musicals. Pair that with Zac Efron, and I was in heaven! (and just to clear things up... he's really 21 years old, not in high school as portrayed in the movies... so it's not weird that I think he's smokin' hot!!!)

HSM3 Cast Pictures, Images and Photos

Oh, and the kids loved it too! AND, he might not admit it, but Dave enjoyed it as well!

Now, on a creative note... I finished my acrylic album. I lovingly made it with pics of my BFF Stacey (love ya Stace!)... I've also made a few new card and a candle... Everything is made with Close To My Heart products... I hope all is well iwth each and every one of you... and I'll be better at updating this thing! Promise!! :o)~


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Anonymous said...

Thank goodness you finally updated. I checked it everyday for 3 weeks! Love ya! Whit