12 July 2015

Do you {RE-DO}?

Not that long ago, someone asked over in The Digichick Forums, do you re-do your layouts from way back when you first started?  

My immediate response?  Heck yes!

I actually have a folder on my computer full of layouts that I'm hoping to makeover.  There's a ton of reasons I want to do this... the main reason is that I've really developed my style and learned so much, I know I can do better.  It doesn't have anything to do with not liking the kit I used originally, for me, it's just because I didn't do my photo(s) justice!

The other side?  A LOT of responses were... absolutely not!  Some would never go back and makeover any of the layouts they've previously created. 

In my honest opinion... there is NOT a right answer here!  It's personal preference.

So, back to my Heck Yes response...  I chose to makeover a Disney layout I created many years ago.  Again, it's not that I don't like the kit (I mean, it's a Disney kit for Heaven's sake!), but I know I could make it cleaner and make my photos (which are by no means perfect) the star of the page!  

It was fun... and I see lots of 'RE-DO's' in my future!

Sooooo.... here's the original..... (This was before I knew the importance of credits, so I unfortunately can't tell you the designer of the kit.)
Here's my makeover... much cleaner.  I feel like the photos are the focus of the page and the elements don't distract from that.  This page is created with Project Mouse (Basics No. 2) by Sahlin Studio and Brittish Design.
I don't think there is anything wrong with going back and making over an old layout.  I had a good time doing this... and by using these pictures from our first trip to Disney, I got to reminisce over how much fun we had!  That was the best part!

Oh, and I'm currently working on making some new Journal Cards for my Weight Watchers Smash Book!  I'll post them when I get them done...  curious?

Thanks for stopping by!  

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